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Temporary Staffing

It’s inevitable in business that staffing shortages will occur, regardless of how carefully you schedule all your full- and part-time employees. People get sick, go on vacation, and have emergencies. Sometimes business is booming and you simply weren’t expecting the boost in customers and need to act now to meet the sudden demand. Or, you know that certain times of the year are busy, but that doesn’t necessary warrant you hiring a new full-time employee year round.

1. Flexibility – short term coverage when you need it – need coverage for vacation relief or sick leave? Temporary staffing provides a viable solution for short term coverage for when you require it.

2. Enhance your screening/recruiting process – Temporary staffing can provide an excellent mechanism for screening potential full time candidates. You can use this as an opportunity to identify potential talent for future positions in your organization. Screen of potential candidates can be a very time consuming and costly venture. Using temporary staff can allow you to evaluate their skill set and experience in real-time. Employers who use temporary employees have the flexibility to take their time find the right candidate suitable for the role they need to hire for. And speaking of time…

3. Save time – using a temporary staffing solution can help save you time when you need to fill a role or position quickly. Perhaps your company is going through a reorg or some positions are being phased out, temporary staffing can provide workers for these types of scenarios allowing you to save time and focus on your other tasks at hand.

4. Cost Savings – there are some obvious cost savings to be had with using temporary staffing. While you may have to provide benefits such as workers’ compensation you can save on other benefits such as dental, vacation or sick pay. In addition, you can expect training costs to be lower and less time consuming.

5. Reduce Training Costs – employers can save on training costs with temporary employees knowing that they are getting a resource that is already experienced and qualified for the given position. The time it takes to train a “new” employee can be eliminated with the use of temporary staffing. Whether the temporary employee is with you for a week or six months, the amount of training required is often less than anticipated.