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Career Counselling

We  are ones who assist other individuals in regard to their training, education and work options. Depending upon the type of organizations, some of our responsibilities as a career advisors are as follows.
1.  we  interview many individuals face to face and make a deep discussion about their career or future education availabilities.
2.  we find out the skill set and knowledge of the candidates and deal with the same.
3.  we  also assist young graduates in developing plans for employment, training education, and assist them to accomplish their objectives.
4. we are ones who research about the various career options available and also assist the organizations in meeting the requirements of the individuals.
5. we assist graduates in finding out the appropriate training programs, what is available for next career plan and about its finance details.
6. we also assist in the preparation of CV’s, job hunting, interview tips, and applications.
7. They assist and make clear, the present scenario and job market for the employees.
8.  we  research and write various other information on national and local career options and develop materials, vacancy material and newsletter for individuals.
9.  we assist in employment opportunities and work experience too. Few simple examples are helping in job opportunities, volunteering opportunities and internships.
10.  Making frequent visit to professional bodies and employers in order to get to know details about labor market trends, employment opportunities, and recruitment policies and procedures.