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About Us

"ACTIVE PLACEMENT" commenced its operations in the year of 2004. It was a humble beginning with two member team operating.

Over a period of last two consecutive years, we have evolved itself as an organization providing several value added services to the industry focusing.

Our perception is to place “Right Person For The Right Position” We therefore closely scrutinize all the aspect of the perspective candidates including academic, job knowledge and experience without exception to the personality , aptitude , adaptability and professionalism etc., besides the environment and culture in which he is brought up .

Our Belief & Strategies:-

A leadership position can be maintained only by accomplishing all task with excellence and cost effectiveness.
Today the survival in the service industry depends on the ability to re-engineer ourselves, by effecting improvement in quality of service, in line with customers requirement from time to time. . In this scenario, “one who adapts to change, innovates, creates, thinks big, acts faster will survive and others will die”.
Service marketing requires not only external marketing but also internal and interactive marketing. External marketing describes the normal work to prepare, price, distribute and promote the service to customers. Internal marketing describes the work to train, motivate and investing in our employee’s to serve customer’s well as our people are our greatest asset. Interactive marketing describes the employee’s skill in serving client. Because the client judges the service not only by its technical quality but also by its functional quality, we deliver ‘hightouch’ as well as ‘high tech’ and treat the customer with respect and mutual trust.
Customers are about close relationships & an opportunity for mutual growth and a yardstick to value one’s worth.

Our strong R&D supports us in connecting the right talent to ensure positive results. Our focused methodologies towards workforce solutions foster competent recruiting process and improvising on talent quality delivery.

Our Vision and Mission:-

  •    Management : To adopt a culture that embraces and, to commit the resources required to manage change ( at the ownership, structural and operational levels).
  •   Traditional Services : To address static growth in the traditional markets by specializing collaborating or growing and so provide our clients products and services which conform to international standards of quality, reliability and performance
  •   Competition : To compete effectively against the increasing and cost-driven competition in traditional market.
  •   Information Technology : To source and develop the IT knowledge and applications essential for development and to utilize IT to overcome some of the structural problems faced.
  •   On-going Professional Development : To overcome the difficulties in maintaining the increasing knowledge and developing new relevent skills.
  •   Succession Planning : To create and realize the goodwill.
  •   Retain Client Base : To grow with clients, match their needs, so build a long term relationship and so retain a growing client base.
  •   Staffing : To compete against the benefits offered by competitor ( on-going training, career opportunities etc.) in the market for high quality staff.
  •   To accelerate growth and expands its activities besides Delhi and NCR,s to rest of the country .

Our Strengths:-

The organization’s strength is derived from :

  •   High level consultancy & Project execution experience.
  •   Technical expertise.
  •   Experienced management .
  •   Quality commitment.

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